Last Update 2010 : 18/12/10


Dear readers, thank you all for your contributions of information and pine nuts! These 3 months of research have been really intense. There is now a lot of information at hand  and that will take some time to process. I do look forward to sharing our results, as soon as they are ready! Meanwhile, I will continue to make these blog updates, which are a representation of my current observations — meaning they still await verification.


The current survey will be accessible online until Christmas day. At the time that it was set up, it was designed to extract as much information as possible, because very little was known about the syndrome at the start of the research. We really appreciate all the time that survey respondents have taken to answer every question and provide additional detail, ideas and encouragements! After the new year, I will be launching a new (shorter) survey that will be simplified to collect the most important information. There will thus be a 7-10 day gap of data-collection. I strongly urge all pine mouth sufferers to continue filling in the survey after the new year, so that we have a measure of the magnitude of the problem and how widespread it is (this I plan to report to the authorities).


I have received 41 bitter-causing samples to date. The more we receive, the stronger the case for pinpointing the problem pine nuts. Please send an email to if you have samples to send, thank you!!


Yes, Grace is taking a break and asks for your understanding! As an international student 10,000 km away from home, I miss my family very much and will be with them till the new year. There will be no updates till then, but if you do have important information to share or samples to send, please do continue writing to Here’s wishing everyone a…


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3 Responses to Last Update 2010 : 18/12/10

  1. Nico Vissel says:

    Tuis phenomenon reminds me of THE margarne taste. It seems there is à genetically based taste reactionair to margarine, THE description containing words like metallic. It doe however not extend over aperiod of time. THE special taste disappears After a few moments. Maybe there is a link?

  2. Nikki Nicholas says:

    Last year I got breast cancer. During cemo I had a bad taste in my mouth,after several months it went away. Now 10 months later a very sour taste in my mouth accured. I have been eating pine nuts a whole 1lb bag. I just read t

  3. Nikki Nicholas says:

    Last Year I got Breast Cancer, for a long time during chemo I had a bad tast in my mouth. after several months it went away. Now l0 months later after eating a lot of pine nuts I have a sour tast in my Mouth. Was so glad to read the article on Pine nuts I have stoped eating them I hope the horrible tast will go away. Thanks Nikki

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