New Case Report: The American Journal of Medicine

This morning I have just discovered a new case report on the Pine Nut Syndrome. While there are no answers yet (yes we are all tired of hearing this), each new mention in a medical journal means that more doctors can be aware of the problem and help diagnose and assure patients who come in with the taste disturbance. You can download the report for free here. Picard, F. and Landis, B. N. (2010). Pine Nut-induced Dysgeusia: An Emerging Problem! The American Journal of Medicine 123(11), page e3.

While ongoing work is done on the cause, we can all do our part to push it all along. The first step would be in raising awareness of the problem. Here’s how:

  1. Accurate reporting – the situation is currently extremely underreported. If you have had pine mouth, go the extra mile to inform your food safety authorities, and your supermarket. It’s because few people report it, that the parties involved in bringing the pine nuts to you are brushing it all off with remarks that ‘few people are being affected’.
  2. Spread information about pine mouth – I will ensure that this blog is up to date with a comprehensive collection of information on this syndrome and news of research on it. I hope to make it clear with this site that pine nut syndrome is a problem to be addressed seriously, regardless of whether or not there are any long-term medical implications (nobody knows yet). Do send the link to your local supermarket, food authorities, and spread it on sites with any mentions of pine nuts  (e.g. recipe sites)! 


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One Response to New Case Report: The American Journal of Medicine

  1. Ashley Simons says:

    I ate pinenuts on thanksgiving and had a bitter taste in my mouth Saturday evening. Igoogled metallic taste and found “pine mouth”! Luckily for me, water did help. I’m now on day 8 and it seems to be subsiding BUT I know have an awful sore throat, very stuffy nose, hot/cd, cough…. Do I just have bad luck and sick twice within one week…. Or are these symptoms related? I feel awful!!! Thanks!!

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