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Update: 30/10/10

It is now Week 7 of research. I’m starting to get used to being greeted ‘Hey grace, you’ve got mail’ / ‘Hey grace, how’s pine nuts?’ instead of the usual ‘how are you?’. Oh well! Somebody asked if I am … Continue reading

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The Ones to Avoid

I have recently been alerted of a large-scale French study of which the results were released in a report just a few days ago. It was really nice to know that there is indeed ongoing work on this problem! You … Continue reading

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I think I might have pine mouth…

One of the few hypotheses that I am trying to figure out now (thanks to the advice of several pine mouth sufferers) is that bitter sensitivity could play a role in whether one experiences severe / mild / no symptoms … Continue reading

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Update: 16/10/10

Hi everyone! Thank you very much for your detailed survey responses and for the additional information and research suggestions / resources you have provided! (And the lovely encouragements too!) Looking through your responses has been giving me many insights into … Continue reading

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Update: 10/10/10

Hi everyone, I was amused with the nice numbers of the date today, so I thought I might well do a quick number update to let you know how things are coming along. It has been 2.5 days since the … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome!

Dear readers and sufferers of the pine nut syndrome, this blog is dedicated to YOU. Today marks an exact 4 weeks since my first meeting with my supervisors Assistant Professor Markus Stieger and Professor Kees de Graaf at Wageningen University … Continue reading

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